Seacure Waterproof Safe Case

The Seacure Safe Case - carry your valuables anywhere...
Made from High Impact Resistant Plastic, the Seacure Bum Bag is suitable for protecting your mobile phone, sunglasses, car keys, money, passport, traveler's cheques and any other valuables.

The Bum Bag is easily worn around the waist during most sporting activities. It is suitable for all water sports and beach activities, including: surfing, sailboarding, fishing, jet-skiing, swimming, rafting, kayaking and even snow skiing. Designed in Australia, a must for lovers of the great outdoors - and they float!

Made from High Impact Resistant Plastic. The Lid is fitted with a rubber O-ring to ensure a Waterproof Seal. 2.5 cm adjustable strap fitted with Quick Release Lock.

Waterproof tested down to 12 Feet

They are made from high impact materials and are water, dust and crush proof plus pressure tested to 3.9 meters (12 feet).

Crushproof and Buoyant

The Seacure Waterproof Safe Case is crushproof and buoyant. It can withstand a right bashing and still protect your valuables. It floats if dropped in water so that you can keep track of your valuables should they drop in the ocean.

Outdoor Sports & Activities

Ideal for Swimming, Surfing, Canoeing, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Sailing, Boating, Skiing, Fishing, Jet Skiing, etc, etc.


Height (H): 16 cm (6.3")
Width (W): 29 cm (11.4")
Depth: 6 cm (2")
Diameter of opening: 8 cm (3.5")
Weight: 350g (12.4oz)

"I took my seacure bum bag with me on my last paddle and found it fantastic for carrying my keys as well as my camera. I took some great shots out on the water and I didn't have to worry about my valuables getting wet or damaged.

Thanks and best wishes for the marketing!
Kind regards"

Kristy Munroe

World lronwoman 2004 & 2006
Australian Ironwoman Champion 2002
Surf Lifesaving Australia - Team Captain.

Seacure Waterproof Safe Case - For Extreme Protection...... just wear it!